Environmental and

Social Management

We advise companies on environmental management, processing and obtaining environmental licenses and permits in Colombia. Preparing and elaborating environmental diagnoses , impact studies and environmental and social management plans. We provide consulting services on environmental public hearings and preliminary consultations (Consultas previas) with ethnic minorities. As well as, a social-environmental accompaniment in the construction of infrastructure projects.

Our experience in the construction in the Colombia Pipeline (Oleoducto de Colombia) And Central Pilepline (Oleoducto Central - Ocensa), as well as the construction of the production facilities of the Cusiana and Cupiagua fields, and also the consulting for American Energy Partner, Rigewood Corporation, allowed us: advise the heavy crude oil Pipeline OCP(Oleoducto de Crudos Pesados) in Ecuador, and the Sebastopol refinery; to provide social and environmental accompaniment in the construction of Loops phase II, expansion of the Gas transportation system Cusiana – Vasconia – Cali of TGI (Transportadora de Gas Internacional).

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