Arce Rojas Consultores assumes the commitment to support and respect, the protection of the universally recognized Human Rights.


Our experience in the field

ArceRojas Consultants in 1999 advised the state of Santander, Colombia, in the case of the kidnapping of the Avianca airplane and also advised the Valle del Cauca Corporations ferderation Committee in the case of the La María church kidnapping, in Cali, both cases clearly against the law.

The founder and president of the Company, David Arce Rojas, was a member of the Legal Committee of the Fundación País Libre, Probono and has assisted in the preparation of lawsuits before the International Criminal Court.

ArceRojas Consultores has advised companies such as OLEODUCTO CENTRAL S.A. OCENSA and OLEODUCTO DE CRUDOS PESADOS DEL ECUADOR OCP on these sensitive issues.

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