Leading Experts in

Knowledge and Territory Management

Easements and Property Management

ArceRojas Consultores advises on all types of matters related to Superficiary Rights, their constitution or reorganization; with emphasis on oil mining, electrical and gas transportation easements , as well as agro-industrial, infrastructure, harbors, highways and telecommunication projects.

Corporate social responsability

It is in the interest of ArceRojas Consultores to promote the performance of their operations in high international standards of corporate social responsibility.

We have offered our services for almost three decades to national and international companies in the hydrocarbons, infrastructure, highways, mining, ports, airports, public services, electric energy, renewable energy and agro-industry sectors, among others.

Environmental and Social Management

We advise companies on environmental management, processing and obtaining environmental licenses and permits in Colombia. Preparing and elaborating environmental diagnoses , impact studies and environmental and social management plans.

Human Rights

Arce Rojas Consultores assumes the commitment to support and respect, the protection of the universally recognized Human Rights.

International Human Right - IHR

ArceRojas commits to promote the application and respect of the International Humanitarian Law.

Legal Support in Natural Resources

ArceRojas provides legal advice to companies dedicated to the exploration and exploitation of non-renewable natural resources, infrastructure and telecommunications as well as those dedicated to the production of renewable resources for energy or food purposes.

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Geographic Information Services

The GIS allows us the adequate integration of the data, favoring the pertinent studies and the correct decision making.


Making the right decisions with the proper knowledge of the territory